Love Notes

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Vintage Valentine Cards

Sweet notes! Vintage and handmade Valentine’s day cards for all your mushy musings. Wether to compliment your already outstanding gift or simply convey a Message of Love, these cards have all the sentiment included and are beautiful to boot.

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One Of A Kind Valentine

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Elizabeth Street by Katie Finn Gems and Jewels

I know; now that it’s February, you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day. You’re probably thinking “how can I show my one and only special someone how incredibly unique and beautiful they are?” The perfect gift can be hard to find, but here are some of our most special One Of A Kind creations that are as singular and precious as your one true love. They’re also some of our personal favorites here at the shop, so you know it must be the season for love if we’re letting the good word out on these ones.

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Men’s Vintage

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Victorian 14k Gold Greyhound Watch Fob

Victorian 14k Gold Greyhound Watch Fob

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the men’s vintage coming soon from Lori’s travels and beyond. Lori has a penchant for the unique thing that one does not often see, or the unsuspecting detail that turns your everyday vintage piece into a one of a kind treasure. Men’s accessories and jewelry (signet rings, watch fobs, clocks and watch pieces, pins etc.) are especially hard to collect given their historical rarity, which makes these pieces really stand out. Looking through this stuff reminds you of things you didn’t even think were possible to have (like a rose gold bulldog signet ring) but that’s what makes the hunt so exciting with vintage; when you win you win big.


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It’s A Garnet World

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Victorian Pink Gold and Garnet Ring

I bet you knew that Garnets, in addition to being incredibly beautiful, were the birthstone of January. HOWEVER, I bet you didn’t know that they are also the state gemstone of New York! The stone of constancy and commitment, garnet has been used for centuries around the world for protection and vitality. Our collection of garnet jewelry at the shop is some of our most beautiful, be sure to check them out in person or online.

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Katie Finn’s Ivory

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New Ivory Pieces

New Ivory Pieces

During our last Gem Show, Katie Finn of Elizabeth Street Jewelry brought in a couple of experimental pieces with a great story. From Katie: “These Victorian walrus ivory beads were purchased by my grandmother Lady Gloria Dale in the 1960’s and 1970’s, while she was traveling through the middle east and living abroad as a diplomat with her husband Sir William Dale.  She’s an avid jewelry collector and has been had a tremendous influence in my becoming a jewelry designer. Some of her personal jewelry collection is archived at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and she’s participated in auctions at Christie’s.  She resides in London and continues to be very active in the jewelry community to this day.” We love these necklaces, mixed with Katie’s fine gold chain and gold beads, not just for their beauty but for their sense of history and rejuvenation. See them online here.

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Vintage Silver

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Silver Treasures

Silver Teasures

New collection of vintage silver in at the shop from Lori’s most recent travels. My favorites are the hand-etched Taxco perfume bottles from Mexico and the expanding accordion Ball Locket, but you’ll have to come into the store to find out for yourself which pieces are calling out to you. If you’d rather you can also see some in our webstore, for more intimate views and online alone time.

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Heath Ceramics

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Signed Heath Ceramics

Signed Heath Ceramics

Those who love mid century modern ceramics love Edith Heath. She opened her California studio in 1948 and began making simple but sturdy and beautiful tableware, eventually becoming one of the most widely retailing studio potters in the USA. Known for her combinations of hand built and hand thrown forms, the simplicity and modernity of her designs remains one of the studio’s hallmarks to this day. These vintage Heath ashtrays from the 1950’s are great examples of the studio’s work, and make a timeless addition to any home.

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Engagement Rings

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Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

Sometimes summer love lasts a lifetime. We know this, because tons of people as of late have been coming in asking about our engagement ring selection. Luckily, we have a bunch of beautiful ones. We are always getting in new vintage pieces and our designers are hard at work to supply us with special pieces you can only find at Love, Adorned. So come on in and check out our current selection, but if you’re not quite ready to take that plunge don’t worry, because when you are ready we’ve got your back.

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It’s A Gem World

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Vintage Gem Rings

Vintage Gem Ring

For some reason, every time I go out on a vintage jewelry buying excursion I come home and open up my goodies to realize that I, once again, bought mostly rings! I tell myself every time to look for earrings and necklaces and a smattering of bracelets, but my eye always takes me to the ring. I love big center stones, crazy carved bands, professions of love, and (as you already know about me) just plain weird stuff. Check out some of the new ones we just put out in the case…

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Vintage Picks – The Weird Ones

May 25th, 2011 / by Lori / 2 comments / permalink

The Weird Ones

The Weird Ones

When I see people in the street with fancy jewelry covered in diamonds and such, I’m like a magpie. I love ALL good jewelry. But when I see people in beautiful, strange jewelry, I want to know who they are.  And when I’m out in the markets buying for the store, I get so excited when I come across an unusual piece that only that very specific client will love. Luckily, Love has a lot of these specific people, so often my fave pieces are gone from the store a little too quick for my taste. Here’s a selection of what we currently have in the case:

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