Celebrating: March Birthdays

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Before there was aquamarine, there was bloodstone. Deep green with flecks of red-orange, the stone was believed to have been created when Jesus’ blood dripped down onto the gravel beneath his crucifix. From that violent origin story came a strong association with courage and battle, as referenced in this traditional verse: “Who in this world of ours their eyes/ In March first open shall be wise/ In days of peril firm and brave/ And wear a bloodstone to their grave.” 

During the early twentieth century, the the National Association of Jewelers—followed by the general public—demoted the bloodstone to secondary status, putting aquamarine in its place. A blue or turquoise variety of beryl, aquamarine translates to “water of the sea,” and depending on who you ask, the gem comes from mermaids’ treasure chests, can summon the dead , may increase intelligence, and/or was worn by sailors to prevent seasickness.

Mined in Brazil, Madagascar, and Kenya, among a few other far-flung spots, there’s a chance that you may discover some of your own here in the United States, in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains. A better bet? Stopping in to Love, Adorned, where there are a number of aquamarine pieces just waiting to be picked up (plus a few bloodstone pieces, for all the traditionalists out there).

What’s in store: 

1) A 14K gold and aquamarine ring—made in the ’80s, just right for today. 

vintage 14k gold ring aquamarine wedding ring

 2) Multifaceted teardrop earrings set in 18K gold, made by Lola Brooks.

lola brooks aquamarine teardrop earrings

3) Raw bars of aquamarine wrapped in gold and strung onto a Lou Zeldis necklace-cum-art piece.

lou zeldis aquamarine bars necklace

4) An 18K gold single trident earring, punctuated with an aquamarine and created by Chad Ypon.

photo 3

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“If night hides many secrets, indigo hides just as many”

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It is said that the Egyptians associate indigo with power, magic and divinity.
Indians believe it is the true color of the sun, The God of life.
Ancient nobility of Guatemala reveal their position by garments made of this color.
West Africans say the color signifies wealth, abundance and fertility.
The age old process of West African indigo dyeing:
Transforming dried balls of crushed leaves into a dye vat was a complex process that often required great expertise and possible evocation of the spirit world for protection. The intensity of the indigo color is a result of repeated submersion of the cloth into the fermented dye and exposure to air until you reach the desired intensity. After the cloth had dried it was customary to beat the fabric with wooden mallets, pressing the fabric and imparting a shiny glaze. If greater intensity of color was required, additional indigo paste and fat (yes, we said fat!) was often beaten into the cloth, imparting a shine and later, would rub off on the wearer’s skin in a desired effect.
All of the Indigo’s at Love Adorned are from West Africa. Each one is entirely unique. Shop textiles in the store and online at loveadorned.com


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Love Holiday Gift Guide: For The Home

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There’s no place like home for the holidays.. Well, except maybe Bali…So if you’re not going to be in Bali, make these special times at your abode as chic as possible. Whether you’re setting your own stage, looking for the perfect host(ess) gift or struggling to find something unique for that homebody in your life…we got you!


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Love Holiday Gift Guide: JEWELRY

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Putting on the glitz

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

We understand how important it is to find that perfect gift. A token that illustrates how much we care for and know that special someone. Given all the choices you have, we put a lot of love and energy into curating the most unique assortment of timeless jewels to adorn that special someone on your list.  Don’t fret, we are here to help…Our assortment ranges from $50 and goes up from there. But to be honest, you’re running out of time, so hop to it Skippy…


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Vintage Finds

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Gems and Jewels

It’s that time of year again when we let a huge, amazing wave of new vintage finds out onto the floor. Standouts from this batch include a Victorian skirt holder, a micro mosaic beetle pendant, clean art deco rings and richly deep lapis stones. Did you know that there were sarcophagus pendants in the world that open to reveal tiny mummies inside? Did you even realize there were such exquisite sapphire and opal stack rings to be worn? Now that you do know, come by the shop to witness their magic in person.

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Vintage Rings: Off The Beaten Path

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The Weird Collection

We love rings, and we love vintage jewelry, but what we REALLY love is those really weirdo vintage rings. These are the pieces of jewelry that were made for and loved by very special people with tastes and lifestyles that rivaled the mainstream; one of a kind gems that were special from the start. From customized biker rings to crudely hand carved prison creations to exquisitely mastered sterling silver wizards, these rings represent either the fashion underdog or the mad genius; maybe both. Check them out in the store and online.

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Retro Sun Vintage

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Vintage Persols

Sunglasses are one of the most luxurious accessories to shop for, the best way to make a face feel powerful and protect your eyes from dangerous rays. Retro Sun Vintage was created when it’s owner, Nicole Miller, discovered a warehouse full of deadstock frames and began collecting them from all over the world. Fitting them with new hardware and upgraded, UV protectant lenses, they are revived to their original splendor with all the modern accoutrements. Stop by both of our stores to  check out vintage frames by Persol, Nina Ricci, Gucci and Christian Dior among others. While you can only hope to look as good as our favorite East End customer Cole does in all of these sunglasses, glasses as cool as these will give you a real head start.

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New Vintage Finds

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Summer Fun Jewelry Picks

Summer is sneaking up on us, which means it’s time for your jewelry to start getting some sun time. Jewelry is also the only wardrobe staple that can go from the city streets straight into the pool and out to the beach with no problem, so the more fun the better because they’ll last you all day. Luckily we’ve just gotten a whole batch of interesting vintage pieces in the shop, and whether you’re going for a warm summer gold or a cool silver statement piece, everything looks good by the pool. Check out our selection online as well as the new pieces in at the shop.


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Happy Mother’s Day

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Vintage Victorian "Mother" Pins

To mothers, the root of all life…

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New Vintage Finds

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Deco and Modern Delights

Just uploaded an incredible batch of vintage rings onto the webstore. Lots of Art Deco diamonds and 70’s styles, both being eras that favored streamlined modernism in their own ways. Art Deco was heralding a modern age, celebrating skyscrapers and new technologies through geometric lines and graphic detail. The 1970’s played off the clean and fluid lines of the 50’s and 60’s, combining modern elements with organic shapes.View our vintage rings here and see for yourself!

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