The Wedding Band

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Polly Wales Gold Bands with Gemstones

We all know a great engagement ring is, traditionally, a show stealer. Let’s not forget about the wedding day though, when couples exchange a simple Wedding Band to symbolize their eternal commitment to one another. Women are usually encouraged to wear their more understated wedding band with their engagement ring as a set, which can make it tough to match for a girl with good taste. There are lots of bands at the shop that may fit the bill though, whether your looking for the classic Eternity Band or an alternative option. This one is forever, so take the time to find a ring that speaks to you and sparkles just the way you like it. Check them out in store or online.

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Ursa Major

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18k Gold Blanket Earrings with Enamel

18k Gold Blanket Earrings with Enamel

THIS JUST IN: Designer Kate Jones spent her childhood on a sailboat in the Caribbean named “Ursa Major.” Since then she’s traveled around the world, from Australia to Maine and through Central America. Her aptly named jewelry line seems to reflect her love of adventure, with tribally inspired shapes that are still simple and classic.

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