“If night hides many secrets, indigo hides just as many”

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It is said that the Egyptians associate indigo with power, magic and divinity.
Indians believe it is the true color of the sun, The God of life.
Ancient nobility of Guatemala reveal their position by garments made of this color.
West Africans say the color signifies wealth, abundance and fertility.
The age old process of West African indigo dyeing:
Transforming dried balls of crushed leaves into a dye vat was a complex process that often required great expertise and possible evocation of the spirit world for protection. The intensity of the indigo color is a result of repeated submersion of the cloth into the fermented dye and exposure to air until you reach the desired intensity. After the cloth had dried it was customary to beat the fabric with wooden mallets, pressing the fabric and imparting a shiny glaze. If greater intensity of color was required, additional indigo paste and fat (yes, we said fat!) was often beaten into the cloth, imparting a shine and later, would rub off on the wearer’s skin in a desired effect.
All of the Indigo’s at Love Adorned are from West Africa. Each one is entirely unique. Shop textiles in the store and online at loveadorned.com


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Moroccan Rag Rugs

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Rag Rugs on Parade

We’re big fans of the Moroccan carpet, but we’re currently obsessed with its wilder cousin the rag rug. Made from recycled bits and pieces of different wool and cotton, these vibrant, multicolored constructions are also known as Boucherouite, from Moroccan Arabic “bu sherwit” meaning “a piece torn from pre-used clothing; scrap.” Moroccan weavers moved towards this technique as the country became more industrial and less focused on livestock, limiting access to pure wool for carpets. Each piece is handmade from available scraps and woven into haphazard, lively patterns; no two rugs ever to be made the same. This is partly what gives each one its mysterious and whimsical charm. We have rugs in both the city store and out at East End, so be sure to stop by both if you can and see the full range of these beautiful rugs. Look for them online soon as well.

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Erin Considine

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Recycled Metal Earrings

Recycled Metal Earrings

We are excited to introduce Erin Considine’s jewelry into the shop. These pieces are from her Immrama collection, which were named after a series of old Irish folktales; all woven and assembled  by hand in her Brooklyn studio. The textile portion of her jewelry uses ethically sourced cotton or silk that she hand dyes with onion skins, turmeric and other vegetable materials. Metal pieces are made from recycled or repurposed brass, making uniquely striking but soft compositions that wear beautifully and are especially perfect for Fall. Another thoughtful maker added to the family! Available in the store and online as well.

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Pushtan Pouches

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Afghani Jewelry Pouches

Afghani Jewelry Pouches

These vintage pouches are great examples of traditional Afghani craft. Created in the region bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan, these bags stitch together a mixed range of textiles to form wallets or the large traditional Tobacco Rolling bags with string closures used by desert nomads. They work great wrapping jewelry for traveling and can easily be adapted for more contemporary technology.


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Beach Blankets

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Beach Blanket in Fuchsia and Gold

Beach Blanket in Fuchsia and Gold

New beach blankets in from Creative Women, a Vermont based company that employs women throughout Africa in fair trade textile production and craft. This traditionally inspired Ethiopian blanket is 100% cotton and accented by broad dot stripes in combinations of fuchsia, gold, aqua and navy. Just in time for the heat!

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