Summer Bracelets

July 8th, 2012 / by Paul / one comment / permalink

Scosha Bracelets: Stacked to the Max

Something about the wrist feels right to adorn in the summer time. The sun is out, you’re waving to your friends, catching the breeze out a car window and splashing around in the ocean. This is the season of the wrist. Whether you’re going for the layered look with Scosha, hippie chic with Elisa Solomon, world traveler with Lou Zeldis or urban stingray with Lauren Wolf, this is the time to mix, match and meld all your wonderful bangles together into powerful summer stacks. Summer birthdays? New best friends? Bracelets have got ALL the answers.

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Scosha Studs

February 11th, 2012 / by Paul / one comment / permalink

14k Gold and Diamond Studs

One thing that customers always come in searching for are “simple little gold studs.” Scosha has just delivered these perfectly dainty gold stud earrings, small but not boring and definitely very sweet. With diamonds, turquoise and rubies, these studs are a simple accent piece for the understated lobe.

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Spring Scosha

March 31st, 2011 / by Paul / no comments / permalink

Scosha Friendship Bracelets

Scosha Friendship Bracelets

THIS JUST IN: New jewelry from Scosha, with lots of braids, beads, and charms. These pieces give me hope that summer is indeed on its way, despite that weekend snow suggests otherwise.

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