Lola Brooks…Skillfully Made With Love

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Untreated sapphires, tourmalines and diamonds come alive in settings of 18k yellow gold. With each stone selected personally by Lola, her designs evolve from their natural qualities and shapes. Slices of agate  have the look of skillfully painted panoramas, Paraiba Tourmalines are allowed to show their remarkable color composites, and slabs of diamonds are left nearly untouched. One way to describe Lola’s work is as a landscape, with shadows and light playing between each facet and giving the impression of a little world unto itself. I want to live in that world!

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Vintage Finds

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Gems and Jewels

It’s that time of year again when we let a huge, amazing wave of new vintage finds out onto the floor. Standouts from this batch include a Victorian skirt holder, a micro mosaic beetle pendant, clean art deco rings and richly deep lapis stones. Did you know that there were sarcophagus pendants in the world that open to reveal tiny mummies inside? Did you even realize there were such exquisite sapphire and opal stack rings to be worn? Now that you do know, come by the shop to witness their magic in person.

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Love, Katie Finn

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Love, Katie Finn Jewels

When we opened the East End store, we knew it would be the perfect place to explore new ideas and work with old friends on special projects. It’s also a great place to introduce one of our very first exclusive designer collaborations: Love, Katie Finn. Lori has been a longtime fan of the powerful simplicity in Katie’s jewelry and, when looking through her massive (and ever expanding) stone collection, thought these unique pieces would really find their voice with Katie’s aesthetic. Fossilized Coral, Jasper, Turquoise and White Eye Agate all find themselves surrounded by Sapphires and Rubies in pieces you’ll definitely want to behold in person.

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Elisa Solomon Spring Pieces

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Silver and Gold Specials

We just uploaded this bunch of Elisa Solomon jewelry to the webstore, just in time for spring. These pieces are Love Adorned exclusives, with stones like iolite, pink and blue sapphires, turquoise and pearls. In sterling silver, these sweetly small pieces make the perfect beach accessory for swimming, sunning, or just dressing up a seaside ensemble. Come by the store or check them out online.

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New Vintage Finds

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Deco and Modern Delights

Just uploaded an incredible batch of vintage rings onto the webstore. Lots of Art Deco diamonds and 70’s styles, both being eras that favored streamlined modernism in their own ways. Art Deco was heralding a modern age, celebrating skyscrapers and new technologies through geometric lines and graphic detail. The 1970’s played off the clean and fluid lines of the 50’s and 60’s, combining modern elements with organic shapes.View our vintage rings here and see for yourself!

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It’s A Gem World

July 15th, 2011 / by Lori / 4 comments / permalink

Vintage Gem Rings

Vintage Gem Ring

For some reason, every time I go out on a vintage jewelry buying excursion I come home and open up my goodies to realize that I, once again, bought mostly rings! I tell myself every time to look for earrings and necklaces and a smattering of bracelets, but my eye always takes me to the ring. I love big center stones, crazy carved bands, professions of love, and (as you already know about me) just plain weird stuff. Check out some of the new ones we just put out in the case…

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Polly Wales

March 24th, 2011 / by Paul / 4 comments / permalink

Ships Ring with Large Tourmaline and Sapphires, 9k Gold

Ships Ring with Large Tourmaline and Sapphires, 9k Gold

THIS JUST IN: A selection of rings from British designer Polly Wales. These rings are amazing experiments in metalwork, as Wales explores the process of lost wax casting. This involves taking a wax mold and pressing gems into it, then replacing the wax with gold during the casting process. As the stones set in place the wax leaves remnants of any activity that occurred, like fingerprints and shifted stones; perfect imperfections that make each piece special. This sense of singularity, both timeless and unique, also makes them an exceptional option for wedding or engagement bands.

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