Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Dad’s day snuck up on us this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re skimping on his gift.


Here’s a list of our top picks for Dad – easily the hardest person on our lists to shop for:

 Raen Sunglasses

Raen Sunglasses – Upgrade Dad’s specs with a pair of these awesome shades. Built out of a classic style, you don’t have to worry about Dad looking like he’s trying to reclaim his youth, but you also don’t have to worry that he’ll be rocking his taped together aviators all summer either.

Chief Handmade Hankerchiefs

Chief pocket squares – Getting married this summer? With all the focus on the ladies, it’s easy to forget that Dad’s gonna need to dress up, too. Tell him to ditch the generic Men’s Warehouse pocket square and slip into a Chief one. Inspired by Frank O’Hara and the landscape of Hudson, NY, Dad might get a little nostalgic wearing it…but not as nostalgic as he’ll get watching you walk down the aisle.

Love Adorned Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage pocket watches –You probably didn’t want Dad watching the clock around midnight when you were in high school, but now that you understand the importance of timeliness, outfit Dad with a vintage watch – both classy and practical.

Giraterra Men's Black Soap


Black soap – Manly! Smells like man! Hear Dad roar!

Poler One Man Tent

Poler tent – If your Dad’s anything like ours, he’s still holding on to his “vintage” tent from the ‘70s. And if you’re anything like us, you realize that “vintage” really means drafty, leaky, and old. Dad deserves some new camping gear and you should be the one to give it to him.

Lou Zeldis Woven Bracelets

Lou Zeldis woven bracelets – Ok, we’ll admit that not every Dad can pull this off, but if your Dad’s old pics could ever end up on this blog (http://dadsaretheoriginalhipster.tumblr.com/), we think you should go for this one.

Nick Potash ID Bracelet

Nick Potash ID bracelet – Don’t think Dad can make a woven arm party work? Go a more industrial way for his wrist with an ID bracelet customized just for him.

Elementary Double Screwdriver Set

Elementary screw driver – If your Dad is Mr. Fix It, we’re willing to bet this gift will be a winner. Handmade in London by a cabinet maker, these screwdrivers are a modern twist on a toolbox standbyi

Swiss Army Knife Tool

Swiss Army Golf tool – What golfer needs a repair tool, ballmarker, groove cleaner, cap lifter, toothpick, tweezer, scissor, and nailfile hanging off their belt whenever they hit the green? The answer: all of them. Make Dad look like an all-star at his next golf outing when you hook him up with this all-in-one set.

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Our Apologies

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                                                                     LOVE,   Love copy

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Last Minute Gift Guide

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Ok, so you procrastinated. Don’t get down on yourself, let’s focus on the solution. The solution is, you better get in gear, no hand drawn coupon for a massage is going to cut it! We put together a few last minute ideas to make it look like you’ve been mapping this out for months…

Russian Criminal Tattoo Volumes 1-3, $100

Russian Criminal Tattoo Volumes











Pro: Good luck trying to find Volume 2 anywhere, finding all three volumes together is a mega score!

Con: All three volumes are chock full of cons and criminals.


Uncle Goose presidential block set, $130

Uncle Goose Block Set








Pro: Heirloom quality blocks that can be passed down generation to generation and they might learn something.

Con: They included both Bushs’ in the set, nothings perfect.


Handmade wooden play den, $145

Handmade Wooden Play Den











Pro: Once they start roughhousing, everything holding the blanket in place on the dresser won’t come tumbling down.

Con: They can’t really live in it, so you still have however long until they’re 18 or so.


Poler Nap Sack, $160

Poler Nap Sack











Pro: It’s like the Snuggie 3.0; hooded, zips down the front, side zips for your arms and a drawstring at the base to free your hooves.

Con: So awesome, they may end up wearing it all the time, even in public.


Pendleton National Park Blankets, $230

Pendleton National Park Blankets











Pro: One made up word, SNUGGLETIMES.

Con: They’ll probably hate having to put it away come summer, but they’ll live.


Faliero Sarti Scarves, $280-$770

Faliero Sarti Scarves











Pro: You will look like a fashion pro with these beautifully knit accessories from a family run business that’s been flexing since 1949.

Con: N/A


Assorted Vintage gold rings, $200-$3000

Assorted Vintage gold rings











Pro: You will definitely ‘lock it in’ for the year to come with these precious estate finds.

Con: You will have to outdo yourself next year.

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Magic Tricks

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The Magic Tarpit

Just because it’s chilly out doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the great outdoors.

Here at Love, we’re huge fans of Poler. Recreating classics in genius ways, such as a bag that switches from holding your camera equipment to a cooler once you remove the separators and add a blue icy pack and beers. This year-old company designs products with the adventure seeker in mind. Their goods are both extremely utilitarian and super cool.

The Camera Cooler

One of our current obsession is the Magic Tarpit. In their words: “Half Tarp, Half Space Blanket, Half Magic”. The addition of pockets and a hood make it much more practical than a typical space blanket. You can use it to  warm up after a brisk surf in the Atlantic, to lay your equipment out on wet ground, or to cover your bike before crawling into your tent. It’s smart to keep in the trunk of your car for emergencies, as it’s waterproof, thermo-reflective and durable. It’s lightweight, folds up tiny, and the added grommets are perfectly placed to help create an instant shelter from impending elements. Leave it to Poler to make a simple product into a Survivalist’s fashion statement.

Be sure to follow @polerstuff on instagram for even more ideas on how to use the Magic Tarpit and other cool products, and to check out their never ending discoveries of ‘Adventure Mobiles’.

The Magic Tarpit

*Photos from www.polerstuff.com

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