Lola Brooks…Skillfully Made With Love

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Untreated sapphires, tourmalines and diamonds come alive in settings of 18k yellow gold. With each stone selected personally by Lola, her designs evolve from their natural qualities and shapes. Slices of agate  have the look of skillfully painted panoramas, Paraiba Tourmalines are allowed to show their remarkable color composites, and slabs of diamonds are left nearly untouched. One way to describe Lola’s work is as a landscape, with shadows and light playing between each facet and giving the impression of a little world unto itself. I want to live in that world!

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Lola Brooks

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18k Gold Earrings with Sapphires, Tourmalines, and Quartz Crystals

18k Gold Earrings with Sapphires, Tourmalines, and Quartz Crystals

THIS JUST IN: This selection of jewels from Lola Brooks is altogether otherworldly, with perfectly faceted or sliced gemstones and  picture agate glowing luminously from 18k gold settings. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

She’s also known for creating art jewelry as sculptural objects, combining gold with cut steel and painted rhinestones. In this photograph she’s holding her Bloodstone Garnet Heart, with a sleeve tattoo done by NYA Pop Up Resident Virginia Elwood.

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