New Vintage Finds

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Deco and Modern Delights

Just uploaded an incredible batch of vintage rings onto the webstore. Lots of Art Deco diamonds and 70’s styles, both being eras that favored streamlined modernism in their own ways. Art Deco was heralding a modern age, celebrating skyscrapers and new technologies through geometric lines and graphic detail. The 1970’s played off the clean and fluid lines of the 50’s and 60’s, combining modern elements with organic shapes.View our vintage rings here and see for yourself!

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Bing Bang

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Onyx and Silver Charms Necklace

Onyx and Silver Charms Necklace

Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield is the newest addition to our roster of New York designers. A handmade sterling jewelry line that “offers the kind of baubles you might find in an exceptionally well-curated treasure chest,” we’re excited to have Anna’s work in the shop!

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