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     Inspired by the fairy tales of  Hans Christian Andersen she loved in childhood, Lene Vibe’s jewelry evokes a feeling of enchantment and excitement. Growing up in Copenhagen, where she still lives and works, she spent much of her time exploring wooded areas and daydreaming of being a character in her favorite stories.



     With 18k yellow gold she carves rings and earrings with flowers and snails set with white, grey and cognac diamonds and Keshi pearls. Visions of Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, The Last Pearl, The Butterfly and The Snail and the Rose Tree all come to mind when looking at her jewels.



All crafted by hand without sketches or preconceived ideas of what she wants to create, Vibe’s pieces are moments in time and imagination that can be worn forever.


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Kria Jewelry

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Kria Necklaces

Kria Necklaces

Kria, the jewelry line by Jóhanna Methúsalemsdóttir, is one of our more mystical acquisitions. Inspired by a bird skeleton found on a black lava beach in Iceland, the whole line is a graceful synthesis of natural forms and precious metals. Gold, silver and bronze charms dangle delicately among semiprecious beads, waxed cotton and extra long chains, reminiscent of malas or rosaries. Definitely worth seeing the detail up close in the store or here on our webstore.

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