Beaded Jewelry

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Beaded and Silver Baby Bracelets

Beaded and Silver Baby Bracelets

Traveling through New Mexico and Arizona I was struck by the beautiful beaded pieces made by Native Americans. Both old and new examples are so precise and well crafted. I brought back several children’s pieces, such as bracelets and barrettes, worn traditionally for Pow Wows and ceremonies. In today’s society, where people are learning to do more with less, it’s amazing to see how a tiny adornment made of simple components can add such beauty. It doesn’t have to be a million dollars or made of diamonds and 22k gold…it can be a handful of cut glass beads sewn onto a barrette that makes a little girl feel like a princess.

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Smudge Feather Fans

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Smudge Feather Fan from loveadorned on Vimeo.

New Smudge Feathers in from Electric Love; the same folks who designed the lovely dreamcatchers we have in the shop. These fans are handmade with soft leather handles and fringe, a large turkey feather for the fan and rooster feathers. Traditionally these fans are used in smudging ceremonies to spread smoke throughout a space. The instructional video above demonstrates our technique for this, using our sage bundles and abalone shell bowl. From the video, near the end:

Paul: “How do you feel?”

Vincent: “I feel…super serene.”


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