Kapital Love

November 25th, 2012 / by Lori / no comments / permalink

I might say that I’m a bit aloof. When I get excited about something, it often doesn’t take me very long to turn my head and start looking for something else..

But I have been having an ongoing love affair with Kapital Gara Mufflers.

Kapital is a father and son run company specializing in high quality denim, that has expanded over the years to include several stores across Japan and full clothing and accessories lines for both men and women. Kapital was started in Okayama Japan nearly 30 years ago by Toshikiyo Hirata. In 2001 his son, Kazuhiro, came to the business as head designer, after a design stint at the formidable 45RPM.

With a very small distribution Stateside, Kapital a has a hungry cult following in the USA. I’m excited and proud to one of the few stores in America to carry these incredible pieces.

Come to see them yourself because pictures don’t do them justice. The designs are clever and timely and the hand is super luxurious. They are made from compressed wool, which is a process of binding several layers of material together with high pressure and steam. Kapital’s interpretation using this method makes for areas  thick with texture with others nearly sheer! The compression technique also makes them highly water resistant, and I can say with confident experience that they are damn near indestructible. They make for beautiful shawls, wraps and travel blankets.

Take it from this scarf junky.. You’ll fall in love too.



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