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So often we go through life without even thinking about how our dear Mothers have formed us as people. So we asked our LOVElies what the one most important thing that their Mom taught them as a child that still resonates with them as adults, and what Love token they would happily bestow on them for it…

Lori and her Mother, Nina
“When you’re in a bad mood, dance it out.”


The perfect Mother’s Day gift: Vintage Opal Nest Ring

Victoria and her Mother, Colleen
“You have to work for everything you want.”


The perfect Mother’s Day gift: Figue Noir Classic Candle

Kinga and her Mother, Grazyna
“You’ve made your bed, so lay in it.”


The perfect Mother’s Day gift: Single Long Quill Necklace

Colin and his Mother, Sophia
“Eat your veggies.”


The perfect Mother’s Day gift: Aluminum Double Timer

Zoe and her Mother
“Courageously pursue your heart’s desires and celebrate life by embracing all that it has to offer.”


The perfect Mother’s Day gift: Beaded Lips Pin

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Happy Mother’s Day

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Vintage Victorian "Mother" Pins

To mothers, the root of all life…

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Mother’s Day

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Gem Hearts for Mom

May is the sweet month for Mother’s Day, a time to thank the lady in your life for all that she’s done for you throughout the year. It’s got to be something special and unexpected though, because what do you get the woman who already has everything? There are certain things that just remind us of Mom, and those pieces picked on instinct always make the best gifts. We went through the shop and found the pieces that felt best for our mothers, and maybe they feel right for yours too! If you’re not sure, come down to the shop or peruse online; we are all seasoned Mom Gift professionals.


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Mother’s Day Picks

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Last minute picks from our staff! You know a great gift the instant you see it, and these made us think of our mothers right away.

Kiki Smith Jewelry

Kiki Smith Jewelry

Michele Quan Hanging Bells and Garlands

Michele Quan Hanging Bells and Garlands

Lauren Wolf Pyrite and Spinel Jewelry

Laren Wolf Pyrite and Spinel Jewelry

Jade Tribe Summer Tote

Jade Tribe Summer Tote

Kobo All Natural Soy Candles

Kobo All Natural Soy Candles


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Smudge Sticks

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Sage Bundles

Sage Bundles

Smudge sticks are perfect for clearing out the air from winter and welcoming in the new season. These smudge blends are handmade in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, with local plants that grow wildly in the area. Different blends yield different cleansing properties, and attached to all are Zuni Bear fetishes from the Southwest. The bear is the Guardian fetish of the West, providing strength in the face of adversity.

3 Sacred Herbs: Rosemary, Lavendar and Red Cedar. Ideal for blessings; House Blessings, Baby Blessings, Handfastings etc.

Purification: Artemesia, Sage and Red Cedar. Good for clearing negative energies or entities from a space or a person, kicking out unwanted energies.

Safe Journey: Sage, Mugwort and Artemisia. To journey safely, in the physical or astral world. Especially good for shamanic journeying.

Successful Venture: Sage, Lemon Balm and Mint. Burn to attract success and abundance.

Wise Woman: Sage, Rosemary and Red Cedar. For attracting spiritual wisdom, asking the divine feminine for wisdom and guidance.

Western Red Cedar: Profoundly transforming the energy of a space to a positive, clear vibration.

Rosemary: Burn before sleep to protect against nightmares. Creates a safe and inspiring place for healing and meditation.

Smudge Stick with Crystal Burning Bowl

Smudge Stick with Crystal Burning Bowl

Smudge Display in the shop

Smudge Display in the shop

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