Beauty Through Adaptation

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Love Adorned Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite rugs ( Boucherouite meaning “rag” in Moroccan Arabic) are a recent pan-Moroccan phenomenon brought on by the loss of the nomadic lifestyle of the Amazigh people, though they are often referred to as “Berber”. No longer a nomadic people dependent on sheep herding, these artisans have adapted to the changes by  mixing wool with cotton rags to keep the tradition alive. With dramatic colors and patterns, these one of a kind pieces combine the casual ease of cotton with an artful, collage-like aesthetic.

For the typical loft: too much of  a good thing can get a little boring; white-washed walls, refinished wood and neutral-toned furniture beg for the colorful drama of rag rugs.

For youngin’s living in Brooklyn: if you graffiti the walls you can’t get your security deposit back. The crazy patterns of these vintage rugs are a more practical way of displaying your creativity.

For your new office: Bring some much needed visual interest to the place where you spend most of your time. It’ll be nice to have something pretty to pretend to look at when really, your staring off into space.


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Moroccan Rag Rugs

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Rag Rugs on Parade

We’re big fans of the Moroccan carpet, but we’re currently obsessed with its wilder cousin the rag rug. Made from recycled bits and pieces of different wool and cotton, these vibrant, multicolored constructions are also known as Boucherouite, from Moroccan Arabic “bu sherwit” meaning “a piece torn from pre-used clothing; scrap.” Moroccan weavers moved towards this technique as the country became more industrial and less focused on livestock, limiting access to pure wool for carpets. Each piece is handmade from available scraps and woven into haphazard, lively patterns; no two rugs ever to be made the same. This is partly what gives each one its mysterious and whimsical charm. We have rugs in both the city store and out at East End, so be sure to stop by both if you can and see the full range of these beautiful rugs. Look for them online soon as well.

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