Vintage Finds

September 27th, 2012 / by Paul / 4 comments / permalink

Gems and Jewels

It’s that time of year again when we let a huge, amazing wave of new vintage finds out onto the floor. Standouts from this batch include a Victorian skirt holder, a micro mosaic beetle pendant, clean art deco rings and richly deep lapis stones. Did you know that there were sarcophagus pendants in the world that open to reveal tiny mummies inside? Did you even realize there were such exquisite sapphire and opal stack rings to be worn? Now that you do know, come by the shop to witness their magic in person.

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Pitango Gem Pile

We have been big fans of Pitango since the New York Adorned days, and are so excited to have more of his pieces back in the shop. No two of his rings are exactly like the other, each exhibiting artisan scrollwork and gems of all kinds. This selection is made with fine silver and copper, mixed with gemstones like moonstone, labradorite, onyx and garnets. One might say that they’re for the more adventurous jewelry wearer, but you never know when just the right magic ring might convert you. Come by the shop or check them out online and see what happens!

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