Spiritual Skin

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Tattoo’s may seem ubiquitous amongst the cool kids now, especially if you live in a city like New York or Los Angeles, but they are far from a recent trend. In Spiritual Skin: Magical Tattoos and Scarification anthropologist and photographer Lars Krutak takes a serious look into the ancient rituals of tattooing and scarification in tribal communities from Papua New Guinea to Sub Saharan Africa.

Spiritual Skin $200

Spiritual Skin $200


In his work that began about a decade ago, Krutak explains that tattoos and scarification are not merely for looks or to demonstrate status or accomplishments. For these cultures they are imbued with magic that provides strength, protection, and power with the universe. The Author gives a brief explanation here:

Whether or not you think tattoos are magical the photos are stunning and give a peek into worlds that, while they seem far away, are filled with people that have hopes and fears.

 Photos by Lars Krutak




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Pitango Gem Pile

We have been big fans of Pitango since the New York Adorned days, and are so excited to have more of his pieces back in the shop. No two of his rings are exactly like the other, each exhibiting artisan scrollwork and gems of all kinds. This selection is made with fine silver and copper, mixed with gemstones like moonstone, labradorite, onyx and garnets. One might say that they’re for the more adventurous jewelry wearer, but you never know when just the right magic ring might convert you. Come by the shop or check them out online and see what happens!

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Off I Go!

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The Open Road from Thelma & Louise

The Open Road from Thelma & Louise

Today I leave for a three week trip driving through America. I’ll be looking for smart people doing good things for me to bring back to Love. I’m starting off West Coast, so anyone who has suggestions on interesting artisans I should visit please, do tell! I’m excited to be extending my reach and will post pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

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Smudge Feather Fans

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Smudge Feather Fan from loveadorned on Vimeo.

New Smudge Feathers in from Electric Love; the same folks who designed the lovely dreamcatchers we have in the shop. These fans are handmade with soft leather handles and fringe, a large turkey feather for the fan and rooster feathers. Traditionally these fans are used in smudging ceremonies to spread smoke throughout a space. The instructional video above demonstrates our technique for this, using our sage bundles and abalone shell bowl. From the video, near the end:

Paul: “How do you feel?”

Vincent: “I feel…super serene.”


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Summer Sale

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It’s that special time when our stock magically goes on super sale! Take 40% off selected items today, July 8th, through Sunday July 24th.


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Best Coast Vacation

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Occidental Beach

Beach outside of Occidental, California

Dispatch from my epic west coast homeland vacation. First to San Francisco and Napa Valley, then up to Oregon for a desert, beach and Portland rendezvous. Pretty plants and thrift stores abound!

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