Love Adorned Book Club: Rin Tanaka’s Harley-Davidson Tome

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For a handful of American companies that have managed to stay in business for over a century, their names immediately conjure up some kind of mental bookmark, whether a familiar logo or catchy jingle. Harley-Davidson enjoys a similar level of brand recognition, but beyond their distinctive black, orange, and white emblem, the company has established an instantly identifiable visual language. A singularly unique style, the look usually involves leather, patches, and heavy boots, a postwar phenomenon that has since become universal, frequently referenced in media ranging from film to fashion.


Ponystep Spring-Summer 2014 Editorial Starring Kate Moss

Pre-WWII imagery of Harley-Davidson riders, however, has typically been a bit harder to come by. Enter Rin Tanaka, a Japanese writer and irrepressible vintage aficionado who’s channeled his passion for American heritage brands and subcultures into a series of self-published, cult-status* books under the publishing name My Freedamn.

Washington, D.C., circa 1925. “H. Addison Bowie.” A motorcycle dealer on H Street.

Washington, D.C., circa 1925. “H. Addison Bowie.” A motorcycle dealer on H Street.

Harley-Davidson: Book of Fashions, 1910s-1950s is the result of Tanaka’s time spent in the massive Harley archives. Sifting through over 100,000 photos, he managed to whittle down H-D’s extensive history into five decade-specific chapters. The results are equally informational and inspirational—images of cloth and leather helmets mingle with rarely seen photos of African-American and Japanese-American bikers. Customization has long been a staple of the Harley community, and images of studded kidney belts from the ’30s and club shirts from the ’40s and ’50s are among the stunning catalog-style photos presented throughout the book. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a casual admirer of the Harley-Davidson style, this book is an essential.

Rin Tanaka signing his book (via A Continuous Lean)

Rin Tanaka signing his book (via A Continuous Lean)

In addition to his prolific bibliography, Tanaka is also the man behind Inspiration LA, an annual vintage clothing and Americana trade show that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. For vintage devotees, the event is more than worth the trip, but we have it on good authority that Inspiration may be heading east to New York next year—fingers crossed.


*Speaking of cult status, only 10,000 copies of the H-D Book of Fashions were printed, and according to Tanaka, Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson Museum may have a few copies left, but otherwise they’re completely sold out. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on a copy at Love, Adorned before they’re all gone.


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Celebrating: March Birthdays

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Before there was aquamarine, there was bloodstone. Deep green with flecks of red-orange, the stone was believed to have been created when Jesus’ blood dripped down onto the gravel beneath his crucifix. From that violent origin story came a strong association with courage and battle, as referenced in this traditional verse: “Who in this world of ours their eyes/ In March first open shall be wise/ In days of peril firm and brave/ And wear a bloodstone to their grave.” 

During the early twentieth century, the the National Association of Jewelers—followed by the general public—demoted the bloodstone to secondary status, putting aquamarine in its place. A blue or turquoise variety of beryl, aquamarine translates to “water of the sea,” and depending on who you ask, the gem comes from mermaids’ treasure chests, can summon the dead , may increase intelligence, and/or was worn by sailors to prevent seasickness.

Mined in Brazil, Madagascar, and Kenya, among a few other far-flung spots, there’s a chance that you may discover some of your own here in the United States, in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains. A better bet? Stopping in to Love, Adorned, where there are a number of aquamarine pieces just waiting to be picked up (plus a few bloodstone pieces, for all the traditionalists out there).

What’s in store: 

1) A 14K gold and aquamarine ring—made in the ’80s, just right for today. 

vintage 14k gold ring aquamarine wedding ring

 2) Multifaceted teardrop earrings set in 18K gold, made by Lola Brooks.

lola brooks aquamarine teardrop earrings

3) Raw bars of aquamarine wrapped in gold and strung onto a Lou Zeldis necklace-cum-art piece.

lou zeldis aquamarine bars necklace

4) An 18K gold single trident earring, punctuated with an aquamarine and created by Chad Ypon.

photo 3

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Show Your Love for Him|Her

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For Her:

Manon 14k gold and diamond wrap serpent ring, $1,365

Manon 14k gold and diamond wrap serpent ring, $1,365

Sophie Hughes sterling silver Egyptian drop earrings, $270

Sophie Hughes sterling silver Egyptian drop earrings, $270
In store only

CB I Hate Perfume In the Library, $130

CB I Hate Perfume In the Library, $130
In store only

For Him:

Vintage sterling silver and lapis ring with engraved ships and dolphin details, $1,500

Vintage sterling silver and lapis ring with engraved ships and dolphin details, $1,500
In store only

Forge de Laguiole ebony pocket knife, $185

Forge de Laguiole ebony pocket knife, $185
In store only

Harry's aluminum shave set, $45

Harry’s aluminum shave set, $45
In store only


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Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Dad’s day snuck up on us this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re skimping on his gift.


Here’s a list of our top picks for Dad – easily the hardest person on our lists to shop for:

 Raen Sunglasses

Raen Sunglasses – Upgrade Dad’s specs with a pair of these awesome shades. Built out of a classic style, you don’t have to worry about Dad looking like he’s trying to reclaim his youth, but you also don’t have to worry that he’ll be rocking his taped together aviators all summer either.

Chief Handmade Hankerchiefs

Chief pocket squares – Getting married this summer? With all the focus on the ladies, it’s easy to forget that Dad’s gonna need to dress up, too. Tell him to ditch the generic Men’s Warehouse pocket square and slip into a Chief one. Inspired by Frank O’Hara and the landscape of Hudson, NY, Dad might get a little nostalgic wearing it…but not as nostalgic as he’ll get watching you walk down the aisle.

Love Adorned Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage pocket watches –You probably didn’t want Dad watching the clock around midnight when you were in high school, but now that you understand the importance of timeliness, outfit Dad with a vintage watch – both classy and practical.

Giraterra Men's Black Soap


Black soap – Manly! Smells like man! Hear Dad roar!

Poler One Man Tent

Poler tent – If your Dad’s anything like ours, he’s still holding on to his “vintage” tent from the ‘70s. And if you’re anything like us, you realize that “vintage” really means drafty, leaky, and old. Dad deserves some new camping gear and you should be the one to give it to him.

Lou Zeldis Woven Bracelets

Lou Zeldis woven bracelets – Ok, we’ll admit that not every Dad can pull this off, but if your Dad’s old pics could ever end up on this blog (, we think you should go for this one.

Nick Potash ID Bracelet

Nick Potash ID bracelet – Don’t think Dad can make a woven arm party work? Go a more industrial way for his wrist with an ID bracelet customized just for him.

Elementary Double Screwdriver Set

Elementary screw driver – If your Dad is Mr. Fix It, we’re willing to bet this gift will be a winner. Handmade in London by a cabinet maker, these screwdrivers are a modern twist on a toolbox standbyi

Swiss Army Knife Tool

Swiss Army Golf tool – What golfer needs a repair tool, ballmarker, groove cleaner, cap lifter, toothpick, tweezer, scissor, and nailfile hanging off their belt whenever they hit the green? The answer: all of them. Make Dad look like an all-star at his next golf outing when you hook him up with this all-in-one set.

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Beauty Through Adaptation

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Love Adorned Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite rugs ( Boucherouite meaning “rag” in Moroccan Arabic) are a recent pan-Moroccan phenomenon brought on by the loss of the nomadic lifestyle of the Amazigh people, though they are often referred to as “Berber”. No longer a nomadic people dependent on sheep herding, these artisans have adapted to the changes by  mixing wool with cotton rags to keep the tradition alive. With dramatic colors and patterns, these one of a kind pieces combine the casual ease of cotton with an artful, collage-like aesthetic.

For the typical loft: too much of  a good thing can get a little boring; white-washed walls, refinished wood and neutral-toned furniture beg for the colorful drama of rag rugs.

For youngin’s living in Brooklyn: if you graffiti the walls you can’t get your security deposit back. The crazy patterns of these vintage rugs are a more practical way of displaying your creativity.

For your new office: Bring some much needed visual interest to the place where you spend most of your time. It’ll be nice to have something pretty to pretend to look at when really, your staring off into space.


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“If night hides many secrets, indigo hides just as many”

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It is said that the Egyptians associate indigo with power, magic and divinity.
Indians believe it is the true color of the sun, The God of life.
Ancient nobility of Guatemala reveal their position by garments made of this color.
West Africans say the color signifies wealth, abundance and fertility.
The age old process of West African indigo dyeing:
Transforming dried balls of crushed leaves into a dye vat was a complex process that often required great expertise and possible evocation of the spirit world for protection. The intensity of the indigo color is a result of repeated submersion of the cloth into the fermented dye and exposure to air until you reach the desired intensity. After the cloth had dried it was customary to beat the fabric with wooden mallets, pressing the fabric and imparting a shiny glaze. If greater intensity of color was required, additional indigo paste and fat (yes, we said fat!) was often beaten into the cloth, imparting a shine and later, would rub off on the wearer’s skin in a desired effect.
All of the Indigo’s at Love Adorned are from West Africa. Each one is entirely unique. Shop textiles in the store and online at


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Red, Rogge, Rosso, Rojo, Rauður, Rood, Rød…

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Happy Valentines Day Lovers

Happy Valentines Day Lovers

“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation…even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Blood contains a protein called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin, which contains iron, is found in red blood cells and is the ingredient that makes our blood red. Red, the color of blood and fire, represents life and vitality. Red also signifies the color of the sun: a symbol of energy, radiating its vitalizing life-force. Let your love be strong like iron, run red throughout your body, radiate outward and NEVER grow stagnant. Wear it on your sleeve…or your neck or your ears or fingers…Happy Valentines Day Lovers!!!

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Last Minute Gift Guide

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Ok, so you procrastinated. Don’t get down on yourself, let’s focus on the solution. The solution is, you better get in gear, no hand drawn coupon for a massage is going to cut it! We put together a few last minute ideas to make it look like you’ve been mapping this out for months…

Russian Criminal Tattoo Volumes 1-3, $100

Russian Criminal Tattoo Volumes











Pro: Good luck trying to find Volume 2 anywhere, finding all three volumes together is a mega score!

Con: All three volumes are chock full of cons and criminals.


Uncle Goose presidential block set, $130

Uncle Goose Block Set








Pro: Heirloom quality blocks that can be passed down generation to generation and they might learn something.

Con: They included both Bushs’ in the set, nothings perfect.


Handmade wooden play den, $145

Handmade Wooden Play Den











Pro: Once they start roughhousing, everything holding the blanket in place on the dresser won’t come tumbling down.

Con: They can’t really live in it, so you still have however long until they’re 18 or so.


Poler Nap Sack, $160

Poler Nap Sack











Pro: It’s like the Snuggie 3.0; hooded, zips down the front, side zips for your arms and a drawstring at the base to free your hooves.

Con: So awesome, they may end up wearing it all the time, even in public.


Pendleton National Park Blankets, $230

Pendleton National Park Blankets











Pro: One made up word, SNUGGLETIMES.

Con: They’ll probably hate having to put it away come summer, but they’ll live.


Faliero Sarti Scarves, $280-$770

Faliero Sarti Scarves











Pro: You will look like a fashion pro with these beautifully knit accessories from a family run business that’s been flexing since 1949.

Con: N/A


Assorted Vintage gold rings, $200-$3000

Assorted Vintage gold rings











Pro: You will definitely ‘lock it in’ for the year to come with these precious estate finds.

Con: You will have to outdo yourself next year.

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