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     Inspired by the fairy tales of  Hans Christian Andersen she loved in childhood, Lene Vibe’s jewelry evokes a feeling of enchantment and excitement. Growing up in Copenhagen, where she still lives and works, she spent much of her time exploring wooded areas and daydreaming of being a character in her favorite stories.



     With 18k yellow gold she carves rings and earrings with flowers and snails set with white, grey and cognac diamonds and Keshi pearls. Visions of Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, The Last Pearl, The Butterfly and The Snail and the Rose Tree all come to mind when looking at her jewels.



All crafted by hand without sketches or preconceived ideas of what she wants to create, Vibe’s pieces are moments in time and imagination that can be worn forever.


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Indigofera x Wes Lang

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     Yes, you may have blankets already but allow us to present a likely superior option: Indigofera’s handwoven, 100% Norwegian wool blanket designed by Brooklyn artist, Wes Lang.




     Lang, who has shown his work across the US and showcased at MoMA, is known for heavy use of American tropes in a classic Americana style. Think grim reapers, tattoo roses, American Indian iconography, eagles, pin-ups, The Grateful Dead lyrics and skulls, skulls, skulls. But, in a twist of irony, it was at a gallery in Copenhagen that Indigofera co-founder Mats Andersson discovered Lang’s work. It didn’t take long for the two men to meet and discover a shared love of craftsmanship and detail that led to these incredible blankets.


     Indigofera blankets are made to be used and loved as their finely combed wool ages without wearing out. They will only become softer and more comforting over years of netflix watching, but they are also stunning as wall hangings or draped over a couch. And considering these are seriously limited in supply (only 200 were made) a bit of hustle is in order if you don’t want to find yourself, or a loved one, in the midst of winter without the coolest blanket on the market.


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Amagansett Goes Under the Knife

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Forgive our appearance, Love Adorned’s East End store in Amagansett is currently closed and under renovation.
We will be back and better than ever at the beginning of March for the Summer Season!
Stay tuned for our reopening date.
Check out our progress on our Instagram @loveadorned



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How I’m Making It

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Lori was just interviewed for Fashionista’s series “How I’m Making It,” where she talks about the day to day experience of owning Love Adorned. Very insightful and an interesting read, thanks to Fashionista and Steff Yotka for all the good words!

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Today’s Window

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Robert True Ogden shelves

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Robert Ogden is a lighting and furniture designer that has his style infused in a lot of beautiful spaces in NYC, such as The Ace Hotel, The Soho Grand and Freeman’s Ally. We were lucky enough to have him create a lot of the fixtures at Love, with the shelves being a real centerpiece. He hunted through the recesses of his warehouse with a head lamp on to find us the most choice pieces of wood,

which lived on our floor in their raw form for a few weeks becoming a display in its own right (that Birdy really connected with).

When the guys went to put them all together, we were shocked to realize that some of these pieces weighed over 200 pounds!

But in the!
I just love them..

Thanks Robert


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To Day 1

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So many years on my mind. 2 years to find the right space. 6 months to build it out. And now here I am at day 1. Many many people have helped me to make this a reality. I can’t even begin to name them all. But if anyone needs a good contractor, I’ve got one. And when you’re ready to move in and need a good clearing in your space Eddie Stern and Prakash Bhat from the Broome Street Temple will set it all straight. My New York Adorned and Love Adorned crew are indispensable, and Keith Phillips and David Rees didn’t need to help me, but did tons. Same for Robert Ogden. Thank you everybody. I hope I live up to all of my brilliant people’s expectations

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