From Cosmic Dust: A Conversation with the Artist behind Kria

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The artist on her vision and inspiration. In her own words:
“The genesis for Kria came upon discovering an Arctic Tern skeleton, named the Kria in Icelandic, on a black lava beach east of Reykjavik where I am from. But, I continue to cultivate my inspiration from my friends and my family and where we all live in relation to Nature. My vision for Kria has been of the essence I see in the natural form, and what those forms remind me of when taken out of their natural context. I want to create jewelry that enhances beauty in compliment with other designs, and which creates beauty on it’s own in a sculptural sense.”


“Jewelry and adornment are the oldest of human traditions dating back 100,00 years with shells and beads. I hope to nurture a natural kinship with those instincts for people who wear my jewelry, I want them to feel like it is a part of them. It might sound pretentious, but the intimate relationship people have always had with what they choose to adorn themselves with seems to cultivate mysticism, and I hope somehow my designs can be a tangible reflection of that.”

Kria at Love Adorned

Kria Jewlery at Love Adorned &

“I continue this path of discovery and find shapes whether they be in Nature formally or otherwise. For if anything comes from nowhere, it comes from the same cosmic dust and therefore the same nowhere as everything else.”

Shop for Kria Jewelry at Love Adorned, 269 Elizabeth street and online at

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Kria Jewelry

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Kria Necklaces

Kria Necklaces

Kria, the jewelry line by Jóhanna Methúsalemsdóttir, is one of our more mystical acquisitions. Inspired by a bird skeleton found on a black lava beach in Iceland, the whole line is a graceful synthesis of natural forms and precious metals. Gold, silver and bronze charms dangle delicately among semiprecious beads, waxed cotton and extra long chains, reminiscent of malas or rosaries. Definitely worth seeing the detail up close in the store or here on our webstore.

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