Bobby Dazzler

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We are pretty excited to be making room for some new friends from the UK, so come by Elizabeth St. to welcome our own selection of Bobby Dazzler dolls.

Every one has their own story

Ballerinas, pirates and tattooed men; every one has their own story.

All of the dolls from Bobby Dazzler are made by hand in south London by Rosie Short & Fumie Kamijo with reclaimed fabrics. They’re available in human and animal varieties, but we stuck with humans for now. Each one is unique in its own quirky, special way and can make you wonder how you didn’t know you wanted a stuffed pirate.

The doll-makers, Rosie and Fumie (photo courtesy of The Guardian)

The doll-makers, Rosie and Fumie (photo courtesy of The Guardian)


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Interior Transformations

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The Obliteration Room,” by Yayoi Kusama and thousands of small children, transforms a neutral domestic space with a little participation and thousands of small colored stickers. This work is part of Kusama’s “Look Now, See Forever” exhibit at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

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Pendelton baby Blankets

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Swaddle the ones you love