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Pitango Gem Pile

We have been big fans of Pitango since the New York Adorned days, and are so excited to have more of his pieces back in the shop. No two of his rings are exactly like the other, each exhibiting artisan scrollwork and gems of all kinds. This selection is made with fine silver and copper, mixed with gemstones like moonstone, labradorite, onyx and garnets. One might say that they’re for the more adventurous jewelry wearer, but you never know when just the right magic ring might convert you. Come by the shop or check them out online and see what happens!

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Suzannah Wainhouse

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Brass Bird Rings with Emerald and Garnet Eyes

New pieces in from Suzannah Wainhouse this week, online and in the store. Her signature brass shapes are taking new forms, like in these sweet little bird rings with jeweled eyes or the tourmaline nugget necklaces. One of my favorite parts of jewelry, and fashion, is following designers to see how their artistry and thinking changes season after season. There is also that exciting intersection to look forward to where their thinking and your thinking sync perfectly at the right time and you find the perfect piece of theirs to own.┬áIt’s really interesting to watch creative people push and expand their style, and Suzannah is always pushing for the better. Watch out for your perfect piece!

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It’s A Garnet World

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Victorian Pink Gold and Garnet Ring

I bet you knew that Garnets, in addition to being incredibly beautiful, were the birthstone of January. HOWEVER, I bet you didn’t know that they are also the state gemstone of New York! The stone of constancy and commitment, garnet has been used for centuries around the world for protection and vitality. Our collection of garnet jewelry at the shop is some of our most beautiful, be sure to check them out in person or online.

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It’s A Gem World

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Vintage Gem Rings

Vintage Gem Ring

For some reason, every time I go out on a vintage jewelry buying excursion I come home and open up my goodies to realize that I, once again, bought mostly rings! I tell myself every time to look for earrings and necklaces and a smattering of bracelets, but my eye always takes me to the ring. I love big center stones, crazy carved bands, professions of love, and (as you already know about me) just plain weird stuff. Check out some of the new ones we just put out in the case…

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