Summer Bracelets

July 8th, 2012 / by Paul / one comment / permalink

Scosha Bracelets: Stacked to the Max

Something about the wrist feels right to adorn in the summer time. The sun is out, you’re waving to your friends, catching the breeze out a car window and splashing around in the ocean. This is the season of the wrist. Whether you’re going for the layered look with Scosha, hippie chic with Elisa Solomon, world traveler with Lou Zeldis or urban stingray with Lauren Wolf, this is the time to mix, match and meld all your wonderful bangles together into powerful summer stacks. Summer birthdays? New best friends? Bracelets have got ALL the answers.

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New Vintage Finds

June 12th, 2012 / by Paul / one comment / permalink

Summer Fun Jewelry Picks

Summer is sneaking up on us, which means it’s time for your jewelry to start getting some sun time. Jewelry is also the only wardrobe staple that can go from the city streets straight into the pool and out to the beach with no problem, so the more fun the better because they’ll last you all day. Luckily we’ve just gotten a whole batch of interesting vintage pieces in the shop, and whether you’re going for a warm summer gold or a cool silver statement piece, everything looks good by the pool. Check out our selection online as well as the new pieces in at the shop.


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