Retro Sun Vintage

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Vintage Persols

Sunglasses are one of the most luxurious accessories to shop for, the best way to make a face feel powerful and protect your eyes from dangerous rays. Retro Sun Vintage was created when it’s owner, Nicole Miller, discovered a warehouse full of deadstock frames and began collecting them from all over the world. Fitting them with new hardware and upgraded, UV protectant lenses, they are revived to their original splendor with all the modern accoutrements. Stop by both of our stores to ┬ácheck out vintage frames by Persol, Nina Ricci, Gucci and Christian Dior among others. While you can only hope to look as good as our favorite East End customer Cole does in all of these sunglasses, glasses as cool as these will give you a real head start.

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Moroccan Rag Rugs

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Rag Rugs on Parade

We’re big fans of the Moroccan carpet, but we’re currently obsessed with its wilder cousin the rag rug. Made from recycled bits and pieces of different wool and cotton, these vibrant, multicolored constructions are also known as Boucherouite, from Moroccan Arabic “bu sherwit” meaning “a piece torn from pre-used clothing; scrap.” Moroccan weavers moved towards this technique as the country became more industrial and less focused on livestock, limiting access to pure wool for carpets. Each piece is handmade from available scraps and woven into haphazard, lively patterns; no two rugs ever to be made the same. This is partly what gives each one its mysterious and whimsical charm. We have rugs in both the city store and out at East End, so be sure to stop by both if you can and see the full range of these beautiful rugs. Look for them online soon as well.

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