Engagement Rings

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Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

Sometimes summer love lasts a lifetime. We know this, because tons of people as of late have been coming in asking about our engagement ring selection. Luckily, we have a bunch of beautiful ones. We are always getting in new vintage pieces and our designers are hard at work to supply us with special pieces you can only find at Love, Adorned. So come on in and check out our current selection, but if you’re not quite ready to take that plunge don’t worry, because when you are ready we’ve got your back.

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It’s A Gem World

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Vintage Gem Rings

Vintage Gem Ring

For some reason, every time I go out on a vintage jewelry buying excursion I come home and open up my goodies to realize that I, once again, bought mostly rings! I tell myself every time to look for earrings and necklaces and a smattering of bracelets, but my eye always takes me to the ring. I love big center stones, crazy carved bands, professions of love, and (as you already know about me) just plain weird stuff. Check out some of the new ones we just put out in the case…

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Chad Ypon

July 2nd, 2011 / by Paul / no comments / permalink

Chad Ypon Jewels

Chad Ypon Jewels

New jewelry in from Chad Ypon, purveyor of powerful gems and adornment . These 22k gold necklaces include stones like black coral, lapis lazuli, fire opal and diamonds, and each piece is incredible right down to the clasp.

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11th Day of Valentine’s: Lori Leven Star Necklace

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Lori Leven 18k Gold Star Necklace with Diamonds $820

Lori Leven 18k Gold Star Necklace with Diamonds $820

Some have named stars after their lovers, but we’ve found the ones made of gold to be much more substantial in the long run. Lori Leven’s 18k Gold Star necklace with tiny rose cut diamonds fits the bill for those with celestial leanings but shiny expectations.

Take 10% off this piece now through the 14th of February, because sometimes things that glitter are gold too.

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