Suzannah Wainhouse

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Brass Bird Rings with Emerald and Garnet Eyes

New pieces in from Suzannah Wainhouse this week, online and in the store. Her signature brass shapes are taking new forms, like in these sweet little bird rings with jeweled eyes or the tourmaline nugget necklaces. One of my favorite parts of jewelry, and fashion, is following designers to see how their artistry and thinking changes season after season. There is also that exciting intersection to look forward to where their thinking and your thinking sync perfectly at the right time and you find the perfect piece of theirs to own.┬áIt’s really interesting to watch creative people push and expand their style, and Suzannah is always pushing for the better. Watch out for your perfect piece!

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Time Flies

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Bird is the Party Animal

Bird is a Party Animal

Happy Day People! We’re one year old today..

It’s been such a great year for us. We’ve met so many people and have been able to work with so many talented artisans and craftsmen. We only hope to get better and better. Thank you, thank you for the incredible support you have given us over this past year.

LOVE, Adorned

Then and Now

Then and Now

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Paul’s Birthday Sale

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Paul and Bird - Birthday Friends

We love Paul. And to celebrate the day of his birth, September 1st, we are having a one day secret Birthday Sale. While Paul wouldn’t ever think of working on his actual birthday, extend your salutations on Wednesday, the 31st of August and receive 15% off anything you buy. He will also be accepting sugary treats and talking about gems all day (normally we don’t let him do that).

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Best of New York

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Watch out for this video from New York Magazine in your next cab!

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