Interior Transformations

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The Obliteration Room,” by Yayoi Kusama and thousands of small children, transforms a neutral domestic space with a little participation and thousands of small colored stickers. This work is part of Kusama’s “Look Now, See Forever” exhibit at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

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Lem Lattimer

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Footprints in the Sand

Beach Scene

Lem Lattimer is an award-winning Brooklyn based landscape photographer. Surviving a motorbike accident in the UK that almost claimed a leg, he moved to New York and decided to do his traveling by car. In 2009 he crossed 10,000 miles of America capturing some of the most captivating natural landscapes on earth. His work spans landscapes, interiors and portraits from 4 continents and is exhibited throughout the USA and Europe. We have his lovely prints for sale at the shop framed or unframed, stop by and see the gallery display in the shop!

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4th Day of Valentine’s: Sarah Cihat Howlin Wolf Sculpture

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Sarah Cihat Howlin Wolf Sculpture

Sarah Cihat Howlin Wolf Sculpture with 24K Gold Teeth - $500

Remember those Looney Tunes wolves in love? There’s no jaw dropping or steaming ears with these guys, but the sentiment is the same. Beautifully sculpted with porcelain clay by local ceramicist Sarah Cihat, these multi-functional sculptures come hang-ready for the wall or simple tabletop decoration, and the 24k gold teeth don’t bite!

Come by the store to see them in person and receive 10% off their price, now through the 14th of February. All in the name of love.

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