Kat + Roger

March 2nd, 2014 § 0 comments

Since we seem to be stuck in a never-ending New York winter, the custom color palette California ceramicists Kat+Roger designed for us is definitely causing daydreams of a warm beach by the ocean.

Kat+Roger cups, $65 bowls, $130-$175

Kat+Roger cups, $65 bowls, $130-$175

Roger Lee bringing one of K+R's bowls to life

Roger Lee bringing one of K+R’s bowls to life=

Kat+Roger Planters $75, $195

Kat+Roger Planters $75, $195

The duo (in work and love) throw, detail and paint each of their ceramic pieces by hand. And though they look pretty enough for mere decoration, don’t be afraid to eat, drink, be merry and then put everything in the dishwasher. If you stare long enough at the blues and greens maybe you’ll start to feel like you’re here…



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