Last Minute Gift Guide

December 23rd, 2012 § 0 comments

Ok, so you procrastinated. Don’t get down on yourself, let’s focus on the solution. The solution is, you better get in gear, no hand drawn coupon for a massage is going to cut it! We put together a few last minute ideas to make it look like you’ve been mapping this out for months…

Russian Criminal Tattoo Volumes 1-3, $100

Russian Criminal Tattoo Volumes











Pro: Good luck trying to find Volume 2 anywhere, finding all three volumes together is a mega score!

Con: All three volumes are chock full of cons and criminals.


Uncle Goose presidential block set, $130

Uncle Goose Block Set








Pro: Heirloom quality blocks that can be passed down generation to generation and they might learn something.

Con: They included both Bushs’ in the set, nothings perfect.


Handmade wooden play den, $145

Handmade Wooden Play Den











Pro: Once they start roughhousing, everything holding the blanket in place on the dresser won’t come tumbling down.

Con: They can’t really live in it, so you still have however long until they’re 18 or so.


Poler Nap Sack, $160

Poler Nap Sack











Pro: It’s like the Snuggie 3.0; hooded, zips down the front, side zips for your arms and a drawstring at the base to free your hooves.

Con: So awesome, they may end up wearing it all the time, even in public.


Pendleton National Park Blankets, $230

Pendleton National Park Blankets











Pro: One made up word, SNUGGLETIMES.

Con: They’ll probably hate having to put it away come summer, but they’ll live.


Faliero Sarti Scarves, $280-$770

Faliero Sarti Scarves











Pro: You will look like a fashion pro with these beautifully knit accessories from a family run business that’s been flexing since 1949.

Con: N/A


Assorted Vintage gold rings, $200-$3000

Assorted Vintage gold rings











Pro: You will definitely ‘lock it in’ for the year to come with these precious estate finds.

Con: You will have to outdo yourself next year.

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