Wood Carving As A Sculptural Sketch

October 31st, 2012 § 0 comments

Longtime fans of Blackcreek Mercantile, we’ve carried handicrafts from Josh Vogel since we first opened our doors in 2010. Artisanal cutting boards – more works of art than pure culinary utility, complete with delicious smelling cutting board oils. Next in line, we have a limited edition of hand turned wooden skull sculptures. No two are alike.

In the artists own words:

I have carved skulls of one sort or another for as long as i can remember.  As a “mediation” or a sculptural sketch, wood carving is a great process for this kind of self reflection. Unlike a lot of other sculpture, it creates its own sort of universal individuality, each an infinite variation of the same basic shape, each having its own intrinsically unique personality. At an early age,  I was enthralled with the graphic imagery of Jose Guadalupe Posada’s “Calaveras” & the sharp contrast of the Dia de los Muertos Festival & Marigold Parades.  There is a very different perspective & commentary that weaves itself into this type of imagery & folk art.  At once it can be scary, humorous, sad & beautiful. The skulls are especially fun to make as they begin to become self aware.  I am always surprised at the moment of transformation, the moment that the work makes them more than just a piece of wood.


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