Kat + Roger

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Since we seem to be stuck in a never-ending New York winter, the custom color palette California ceramicists Kat+Roger designed for us is definitely causing daydreams of a warm beach by the ocean.

Kat+Roger cups, $65 bowls, $130-$175

Kat+Roger cups, $65 bowls, $130-$175

Roger Lee bringing one of K+R's bowls to life

Roger Lee bringing one of K+R’s bowls to life=

Kat+Roger Planters $75, $195

Kat+Roger Planters $75, $195

The duo (in work and love) throw, detail and paint each of their ceramic pieces by hand. And though they look pretty enough for mere decoration, don’t be afraid to eat, drink, be merry and then put everything in the dishwasher. If you stare long enough at the blues and greens maybe you’ll start to feel like you’re here…



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Hasami Porcelain

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Hasami bowls and trays as dinner service

Hasami bowls and trays as dinner service.

Sometimes utility can be dull, cold, uninteresting, synonymous with boring. But being functional and classic shouldn’t mean any of those things, something Hasami Porcelain understands.

Oak wood lids or trays or serving plates

Oak wood lids or trays or serving plates.

Hasami’s colors are neutral but warm and all of their pieces are simple in design but executed to perfection. Each ceramic piece and oak lid or tray is crafted by hand in Japan, but from a fixed model, creating stacks that look good enough to show off.

Open shelves never looked so good

Hasami cups, mugs, bowls and lids out and proud. Open shelves never looked so good.

Bringing up the function level another notch, all of the porcelain is safe to put in the dishwasher or microwave. So, beautiful as they are, these pieces were made to be used.

Hasami medium bowl, $50

Hasami medium bowl, $50

Hasami mug, $40

Hasami mug, $40

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Love Adorned in The Wall Street Journal

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We were in great company over the weekend in the Wall Street Journal culture piece on the revival of the general store. It’s a new year, so why not come by and discover a new “need” or two?


Hasami Japan Porcelain Mug $40


Jen Pearson Apothecary Match Bottle $35


Polly Wales 18k gold and Burmese Ruby Ring $4,100

Sanchez Calderon

Sanchez & Calderon Tassel Pouch $225

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Goop goes to the Hamptons

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Goop Hamptons Update

Thanks Gwyneth Paltrow for your seal of Approval!

Gwyneth gives the scoop on Love Adorned

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Love Adorned pops up in Montauk

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Pop-up Shop at RuschmeyerWashed up on the Eastern Shore of Long Island, a Love Adorned pop-up shop at Rushmeyer’s in Montauk, showcases some of our favorites from the city and Amagansett stores. But, we’ll let our friends at the Times Magazine tell you the full story. 


Love Adorned: Summer Session is open through September at Ruschmeyer’s, 161 Second House Road, Montauk; (631) 668-2877

What Mom Really Wants

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At Love Adorned, we’ve been on the look out for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for our dear ol’ mums. And with only — days left until the clock strikes MOM, we thought we’d
share our picks with you. Not that you’ve procrastinated on getting a gift or anything. We would never think that about you.

Lauren Wolf Rose Gold Band with Black Diamonds

Lauren Wolf Rose Gold Band with Black Diamonds

Kali: I’m getting my mom the Lauren Wolf rose gold band with black diamonds. I chose to get it as a starter ring that I can add to over time, with other bands/rings in
other metals if she wants. It’s a tall order gift, but alas, I didn’t get her anything for her birthday in February, so I feel like she deserves something extra fancy.

Upstate Silk Shibori Scarf

Upstate Silk Shibori Scarf

Miranda: I bought my mom the Indigo Hajime Upstate Scarf. I already gave it to her because I wanted her to be able to use it for the winter-to-spring transition. She’s been
wrapped up in it since the day I gave it to her – she loves it!

Michele Quan Ceramic Birhouse

Michele Quan Ceramic Birhouse


Lily: I think one of the Michelle Quan birdhouses would be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. The textures and color in her ceramics would look beautiful hanging from an
oak tree somewhere in the Oregon woods. Soon enough it would be full of finches, bluebirds, sparrows, and wrens. The birds would fight over who gets to make a nest in the home. [IN STORE ONLY]

Lou Zeldis Gold and Pebble Earrings

Lou Zeldis Gold and Pebble Earrings

Ally: I’m getting my mom a pair of dangling Lou Zeldis pebble earrings. Not only are they beautiful, but my mom also loves Lou’s story. He was a good friend of Lori’s who
traveled the world collecting pebbles and rocks from beaches and streets to create his treasures. He liked to say it was his way of turning the mundane and forgotten into something special.

Polly Wales Cognac Diamond Ring

Polly Wales Cognac Diamond Ring

Vincent: My mom has always asked me for a 3-stone ring that includes the birthstones of her three children. After all these years, I’m finally taking the plunge this Mother’s Day. I’m only slightly annoyed that April’s birthstone is a diamond. I have my brother to thank for the extra cost.

Lori: For her birthday in January, I got my mom her first iPhone. After a glass of wine at her birthday dinner, she defiantly declared: “What the hell am I going to do with this thing, Lori?!”

Stained Glass Feathers

Stained Glass Feathers

Fast forward five months later and she loves the thing – she’s texting photos to her granddaughters, speaking in text code, and yes…even stalking Instagram. When we
put the stained glass feathers in the window of the store, she saw them on the Love Adorned Instagram feed and promptly called me to say that they’re the most beautiful things she’d ever seen. BAM! Makes my job easy. Happy Mother’s Day! [IN STORE ONLY]

Handmade Mother's Day

Handmade Mother’s Day

Nina: I always draw my mom an original card and make sure to call her first thing.

So the moral of the story here is, it doesn’t matter if you’re getting mom the most expensive gift, or the most original. At the end of it all – JUST CALL YOUR MOTHER ALREADY!

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Beauty Through Adaptation

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Love Adorned Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite rugs ( Boucherouite meaning “rag” in Moroccan Arabic) are a recent pan-Moroccan phenomenon brought on by the loss of the nomadic lifestyle of the Amazigh people, though they are often referred to as “Berber”. No longer a nomadic people dependent on sheep herding, these artisans have adapted to the changes by  mixing wool with cotton rags to keep the tradition alive. With dramatic colors and patterns, these one of a kind pieces combine the casual ease of cotton with an artful, collage-like aesthetic.

For the typical loft: too much of  a good thing can get a little boring; white-washed walls, refinished wood and neutral-toned furniture beg for the colorful drama of rag rugs.

For youngin’s living in Brooklyn: if you graffiti the walls you can’t get your security deposit back. The crazy patterns of these vintage rugs are a more practical way of displaying your creativity.

For your new office: Bring some much needed visual interest to the place where you spend most of your time. It’ll be nice to have something pretty to pretend to look at when really, your staring off into space.


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Amagansett Goes Under the Knife

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Forgive our appearance, Love Adorned’s East End store in Amagansett is currently closed and under renovation.
We will be back and better than ever at the beginning of March for the Summer Season!
Stay tuned for our reopening date.
Check out our progress on our Instagram @loveadorned



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Pillow Talk with Upstate

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Astrid and Kalen in bed

Kalen and Astrid, the talented designers of Upstate, took some time to tell us about  their new line of beautiful linens utilizing their signature shibori dyeing process. This traditional Japanese craft is done by preparing the cloth in several different ways before dying. Methods include binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing, or capping the cloth.Each bind results in a different unique pattern making every piece of Upstate  one of a kind.


“Our homeline is something we have dreamt about since day 1 of Upstate. Astrid and I both have habits of throwing random things into our dye baths if there is the tiniest bit of room left so it made sense to dye pillowcases and small things around the house. We started with pillow cases and then dyed curtains and sheets for friends. It turned into a nice way for us to revamp our bedding and home without having to spend tons of money. We both have the mindset that if we want something, rather than going out to buy it we will design and create it.  Upstate became incorporated in our “home-life” so it made sense to finally get the line off the ground and offer it to the public.”

These duvet covers and pillow cases are 100% cotton and come in vibrant indigo blues and earthy green tones that follow traditional Japanese styles, but with no 2 the same.  Wouldn’t they be incredible in an otherwise all white room?

Now THIS is what dreams are made of..





*Don’t forget! 30 – 60% off sale happening now through January 20th at either Love Adorned location or online, 24 hours a day at www.loveadorned.com.

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LOVE a Sale? Who Doesn’t!

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Love Adorned Winter Sale

 From January 7th – 20th join us in store or online for incredible savings on your favorite homewares and accessories.

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