Kat + Roger

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Since we seem to be stuck in a never-ending New York winter, the custom color palette California ceramicists Kat+Roger designed for us is definitely causing daydreams of a warm beach by the ocean.

Kat+Roger cups, $65 bowls, $130-$175

Kat+Roger cups, $65 bowls, $130-$175

Roger Lee bringing one of K+R's bowls to life

Roger Lee bringing one of K+R’s bowls to life=

Kat+Roger Planters $75, $195

Kat+Roger Planters $75, $195

The duo (in work and love) throw, detail and paint each of their ceramic pieces by hand. And though they look pretty enough for mere decoration, don’t be afraid to eat, drink, be merry and then put everything in the dishwasher. If you stare long enough at the blues and greens maybe you’ll start to feel like you’re here…



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Bobby Dazzler

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We are pretty excited to be making room for some new friends from the UK, so come by Elizabeth St. to welcome our own selection of Bobby Dazzler dolls.

Every one has their own story

Ballerinas, pirates and tattooed men; every one has their own story.

All of the dolls from Bobby Dazzler are made by hand in south London by Rosie Short & Fumie Kamijo with reclaimed fabrics. They’re available in human and animal varieties, but we stuck with humans for now. Each one is unique in its own quirky, special way and can make you wonder how you didn’t know you wanted a stuffed pirate.

The doll-makers, Rosie and Fumie (photo courtesy of The Guardian)

The doll-makers, Rosie and Fumie (photo courtesy of The Guardian)


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Hasami Porcelain

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Hasami bowls and trays as dinner service

Hasami bowls and trays as dinner service.

Sometimes utility can be dull, cold, uninteresting, synonymous with boring. But being functional and classic shouldn’t mean any of those things, something Hasami Porcelain understands.

Oak wood lids or trays or serving plates

Oak wood lids or trays or serving plates.

Hasami’s colors are neutral but warm and all of their pieces are simple in design but executed to perfection. Each ceramic piece and oak lid or tray is crafted by hand in Japan, but from a fixed model, creating stacks that look good enough to show off.

Open shelves never looked so good

Hasami cups, mugs, bowls and lids out and proud. Open shelves never looked so good.

Bringing up the function level another notch, all of the porcelain is safe to put in the dishwasher or microwave. So, beautiful as they are, these pieces were made to be used.

Hasami medium bowl, $50

Hasami medium bowl, $50

Hasami mug, $40

Hasami mug, $40

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O’Harrow Pocket Squares

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The pocket square. It brings images of Mad Men, The Rat Pack and just a general notion of fussiness over ones clothing. But say hello to O’Harrow Clothier’s updated versions of the classic accessory.

O'Harrow Pocket Square in Black Bouquet $40

O’Harrow Pocket Square in Black Bouquet $40

Claire Campbell Moseley started making the squares for friends in the back of her Silver Lake home, but soon the demand gave way to a full line. By cutting the size of the square from its usual 12” x 12” to a more functional 9” x  9” these pocket squares are easy to grab and slip into front pockets of shirts and jackets, be they men’s or women’s styles. You can feel the quality of the fabrics that Moseley sources from Japan. The hand is supple and the weight is perfect for just a few, chic folds. Which is really all you need.

The Flat Fold

The Flat Fold

The Single Point Fold

The Single Point Fold

The Wing Puff Fold

The Wing Puff Fold

*Fold instructions courtesy of O’Harrow Clothiers



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Indigofera x Wes Lang

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     Yes, you may have blankets already but allow us to present a likely superior option: Indigofera’s handwoven, 100% Norwegian wool blanket designed by Brooklyn artist, Wes Lang.




     Lang, who has shown his work across the US and showcased at MoMA, is known for heavy use of American tropes in a classic Americana style. Think grim reapers, tattoo roses, American Indian iconography, eagles, pin-ups, The Grateful Dead lyrics and skulls, skulls, skulls. But, in a twist of irony, it was at a gallery in Copenhagen that Indigofera co-founder Mats Andersson discovered Lang’s work. It didn’t take long for the two men to meet and discover a shared love of craftsmanship and detail that led to these incredible blankets.


     Indigofera blankets are made to be used and loved as their finely combed wool ages without wearing out. They will only become softer and more comforting over years of netflix watching, but they are also stunning as wall hangings or draped over a couch. And considering these are seriously limited in supply (only 200 were made) a bit of hustle is in order if you don’t want to find yourself, or a loved one, in the midst of winter without the coolest blanket on the market.


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Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Dad’s day snuck up on us this year, but that doesn’t mean we’re skimping on his gift.


Here’s a list of our top picks for Dad – easily the hardest person on our lists to shop for:

 Raen Sunglasses

Raen Sunglasses – Upgrade Dad’s specs with a pair of these awesome shades. Built out of a classic style, you don’t have to worry about Dad looking like he’s trying to reclaim his youth, but you also don’t have to worry that he’ll be rocking his taped together aviators all summer either.

Chief Handmade Hankerchiefs

Chief pocket squares – Getting married this summer? With all the focus on the ladies, it’s easy to forget that Dad’s gonna need to dress up, too. Tell him to ditch the generic Men’s Warehouse pocket square and slip into a Chief one. Inspired by Frank O’Hara and the landscape of Hudson, NY, Dad might get a little nostalgic wearing it…but not as nostalgic as he’ll get watching you walk down the aisle.

Love Adorned Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage pocket watches –You probably didn’t want Dad watching the clock around midnight when you were in high school, but now that you understand the importance of timeliness, outfit Dad with a vintage watch – both classy and practical.

Giraterra Men's Black Soap


Black soap – Manly! Smells like man! Hear Dad roar!

Poler One Man Tent

Poler tent – If your Dad’s anything like ours, he’s still holding on to his “vintage” tent from the ‘70s. And if you’re anything like us, you realize that “vintage” really means drafty, leaky, and old. Dad deserves some new camping gear and you should be the one to give it to him.

Lou Zeldis Woven Bracelets

Lou Zeldis woven bracelets – Ok, we’ll admit that not every Dad can pull this off, but if your Dad’s old pics could ever end up on this blog (http://dadsaretheoriginalhipster.tumblr.com/), we think you should go for this one.

Nick Potash ID Bracelet

Nick Potash ID bracelet – Don’t think Dad can make a woven arm party work? Go a more industrial way for his wrist with an ID bracelet customized just for him.

Elementary Double Screwdriver Set

Elementary screw driver – If your Dad is Mr. Fix It, we’re willing to bet this gift will be a winner. Handmade in London by a cabinet maker, these screwdrivers are a modern twist on a toolbox standbyi

Swiss Army Knife Tool

Swiss Army Golf tool – What golfer needs a repair tool, ballmarker, groove cleaner, cap lifter, toothpick, tweezer, scissor, and nailfile hanging off their belt whenever they hit the green? The answer: all of them. Make Dad look like an all-star at his next golf outing when you hook him up with this all-in-one set.

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Laguiole…the real deal!

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Laguiole Knives

Laguiole Knives

Laguiole, pronounced /lɑːˈjɔːl/ “la-yoll”, is a generic term, not legally restricted to any one company or place of manufacture.

But in fact, Laguiole is a place, a small agricultural town in the Aubrac uplands of central France, about 350 miles directly south of Paris. It was in this little town, around 1829, that knife makers began to blend techniques of French and Spanish style single blade knives into what is now known as a Laguiole knife. From that moment forward, artisans around the country, around the world, began to emulate the form. Today, regardless of how many different “Laguioles” you see, there are few knife makers actually located in the town. This authenticity of place is directly linked to quality! Honestly, it can be a little confusing, but we’ve done the research in order to bring the best, the real deal!

Our assortment of Laguiole single blade knives are from Forge de Laguiole, in Laguiole,France and are 100% made by hand. Each knife is crafted by one artisan, start to finish, no assembly line, no machine fabrication. Assembly of a single Laguiole involves more than 50 separate activities, including the blade being roughed out, forged, polished and finished. The natural handle material is cut and shaped and the springs, liners, bolsters and flies are all made by hand. Everything is done in the same manner it was nearly two centuries ago.

We’ve selected two sizes; one small and one large. The smaller has a 2.25″ blade and is 5″ overall and the larger has a a 3″ blade and is 6.75″ overall. Both have all natural wood handles; Juniper, Snakewood, Rosewood or Olive-wood.

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“If night hides many secrets, indigo hides just as many”

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It is said that the Egyptians associate indigo with power, magic and divinity.
Indians believe it is the true color of the sun, The God of life.
Ancient nobility of Guatemala reveal their position by garments made of this color.
West Africans say the color signifies wealth, abundance and fertility.
The age old process of West African indigo dyeing:
Transforming dried balls of crushed leaves into a dye vat was a complex process that often required great expertise and possible evocation of the spirit world for protection. The intensity of the indigo color is a result of repeated submersion of the cloth into the fermented dye and exposure to air until you reach the desired intensity. After the cloth had dried it was customary to beat the fabric with wooden mallets, pressing the fabric and imparting a shiny glaze. If greater intensity of color was required, additional indigo paste and fat (yes, we said fat!) was often beaten into the cloth, imparting a shine and later, would rub off on the wearer’s skin in a desired effect.
All of the Indigo’s at Love Adorned are from West Africa. Each one is entirely unique. Shop textiles in the store and online at loveadorned.com


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Amagansett Goes Under the Knife

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Forgive our appearance, Love Adorned’s East End store in Amagansett is currently closed and under renovation.
We will be back and better than ever at the beginning of March for the Summer Season!
Stay tuned for our reopening date.
Check out our progress on our Instagram @loveadorned



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Lola Brooks…Skillfully Made With Love

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Untreated sapphires, tourmalines and diamonds come alive in settings of 18k yellow gold. With each stone selected personally by Lola, her designs evolve from their natural qualities and shapes. Slices of agate  have the look of skillfully painted panoramas, Paraiba Tourmalines are allowed to show their remarkable color composites, and slabs of diamonds are left nearly untouched. One way to describe Lola’s work is as a landscape, with shadows and light playing between each facet and giving the impression of a little world unto itself. I want to live in that world!

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